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Delivering the charm of KIMONO to the world

KIMONO to be seen and loved, and to be used close at hand.

We are committed to promoting kimono culture in Japan and abroad, enhancing the appeal of Japan, and spreading kimono to the world.

Kinobal will introduce the history of each item, the thoughts behind it, and the particulars of each item so that you can feel the charm of KIMONO, obi, accessories, and footwear.
In addition, we will create and deliver "KIMONO merchandise" that match today's lifestyle and incorporate the characteristics of kimono.


In today's world, the high quality and value of things are valued regardless of the frame of the times.
KIMONO not only go back to their roots, but also have a quality and sense of style that never fades away without surprising newness or a sense of being out of step with the times. KIMONO has the ability to respond to the sense of style demanded by the current age.

KIMONO has a sense of newness in the midst of oldness.
The prototype of the word "fashion" can be felt from "kimono".


LaJaponaise (Claude Monet - 1876)

Symbol of Japonism /Late 19th century. Japonism culture took root in Europe.

In the era of the worldwide boom in the Orient, the mystique of the Orient inspired the world, the presence of the kimono increased.
At the Paris World Exposition in 1867, still home to Samurai in Japan, the delegation(accompanied by Eiichi Shibusawa) went to Paris, the French were enthralled by the culture of Japonism.
In the midst of this, Claude Monet, a master of Impressionism, challenged the fusion of Western art, and in "La Japonaise (Camille in KIMONO)" in 1876, he painted an oil painting of a woman wearing a KIMONO with his wife as the model.


Tradition Lives on Today

In this day and age when science is advancing and traditions are becoming obsolete or being weeded out, there are still many things in Japan that remind us of ancient Japan, such as wooden architecture of shrines and Buddhist temples, its philosophy, the spirit that traces back to religion, and traditional culture.

Japan is one of the few countries in the world where the legacy and the newness of the times coexist and are in harmony. This is something that can only be achieved by the Japanese people.


The superior essence of KIMONO

With a history of 2,000 years, each era in Japan has had its own unique "SHIKITARI," and kimono is a way of embodying these SHIKITARI through clothing.
Kimonos have evolved into elegant works of art, extracting the spirit and excellence of the Japanese people as they continue to embody their traditions.
The evolution over the years can be seen not only in the artistry but also in the excellent functionality.
A kimono is made from a single large piece of cloth, the silk of which wraps gently around the skin, giving it a comfortable feel that envelops the body.

Kinobal also selling kimono goods that make you feel closer to kimono.
We have small items such as mask cases and wine bottle cover made from kimono fabric, as well as table centers and luncheon mats made from obi.
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The purpose of Kinobal's business activities is to promote the beautiful traditions and culture of Japan to the world.
Kinobal is also engaged in the following three businesses.

  1. Cultural exchange business
  2. KIMONO sales business
  3. Consulting business (regional development, etc.)

Through these three businesses, we hope to transmit Japanese culture and become a sustainable company.
I have been working for a foreign airline company for more than 20 years, and I have had many opportunities to interact with foreign people.
Kinobal inherits the spirit of my ancestor TORII KAJYURO who said 150 years ago, "Revitalization of traditional cultural industries will revitalize the national economy.

Kinobal LLC  CEO Shunsaku Kinoshita

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